Spigen Tough Armor iPhone 7 Case

You can’t fake it among your friends and family, so is the case is with iPhone 7 that turned out to be complete dismay to the iPhone-family in the first place. But now after 2 years after its release, people don’t seem busy enough to comment about the missing headphone jack or the poor battery life. To be honest, there are dozens of positives one can’t overlook the iPhone 7 case, which is making highlights all across the globe now as the entry-level phone.
The price tag would be the first eye-catching thing about this phone and what works more to it is the new iOS 12 software on offer. If you’re one of those who are satisfied enough to have hands-on iPhone 7, then this case review is for you. Sit back and enjoy!

Who on Earth would buy a car cover of a higher price tag than the car itself? Same goes with this case which is cons-effective in the first look and in contrast it has to offer enough of the protection that keeps your phone running as smooth as the new one. The TPU body gives protection to the score of the phone, whereas the polycarbonate adds flexibility to the back side and fights against scratches, dings, and drops. The dual-layered protection doesn’t give your phone a chubbier look but yet pampers you with the all-around protection.
The finish on the ports and side buttons is on top of the business of this Spigen Series Armor Case for iPhone 7 and that makes it look trendy as well if you looking for something than what you get in name of the usual cases. The fine cut on the back of the case let you flaunt your Apple pie logo on the backside of your iPhone.

What’s Deal-Breaker about it?
If you looking for the best protection then sorry it isn’t your cup of tea. Moreover, it isn’t the sleekest cases on offer and having it on your phone means a bit of the extra weight on your pocket.
This case comes under the tag ‘Armor’ seems to come in the metal covering but in the first touch one may come to know that it is polycarbonate and TPU blend on display.

Damage on Wallet
$ 34.99

Polycarbonate and TPU

Value for Money
If you looking for a case that is economical and offers quite a bit of protection, then this case is an irresistible deal for you. $34.99 for this case isn’t going to bank default you; so, this one is an apt deal giving you enough under this price tag.

Our Verdict
Spigen doesn’t disappoint you at all, and this special Armor series case works the same. Its durability is spot on and the same goes for the style.