Blue Cascade – Our Employees!

One of the sole reasons we sky-rocketed within no time is our dedicated employees, who are never off duty like some soldiers. It isn’t that they go under hectic routines or are exploited in any means; they are the bunch of crazy lads who take up working as a fun thing. We value our employees as much as we do for our clients as the latter give us revenue and the former are the reason we generate revenue.
Working with us isn’t like getting bored all day long as we keep our employees entertained with providing them in-house Table Tennis court and other board games as well. The snack time and lunch breaks are the sessions we get engaged in the aforementioned games and the PC games as well.
We strive to provide an atmosphere where our client feels privileged to be part of our team and try to give back to us in form of finest services.

Salaries and Remunerations
We don’t keep someone underpaid no matter what; as we are the trendsetters we don’t mind giving lucrative salaries to our employees and that too on time. It should be noted here that money-making isn’t the sole purpose of our company; we actually want to establish an atmosphere that actually makes everyone feel special and blessed.

Official Get together at Eateries
Undoubtedly, the way to man’s heart is through his stomach and we very well understand that so we frequently arrange get together in top-notch restaurants. This official meeting-cum-get together is somehow part of our recreational campaigns and treating up our employees with scrumptious meals is something that makes us feel happy inside out

Foreign Trips
There are certain perks and privileges to be part of our team and one of them is getting opportunities to travel abroad along with the team and as an individual as well. We pay for all that with even making sure your accommodation at top hotels and all other expenses too. What you all have to do is impress us with your work and keep on doing that as consistency is what we actually look out for.

Games and Competitions
‘A sound mind in a sound body’ is what we actually prefer and to keep you trimmed that way is even our responsibility in some capacity. As mentioned above there are on board games and table tennis in the office premises which keep one energized all day. We also make sure cricket, football and basketball game and competitions between our employees on regular basis.